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Juno emailing account is basically the famous and the dominating free webmailimg service that is wholly owned by an american based company named as the united online.Talking about the history this mailing service is from the very famous internet service provider known by the name of the juno.

Now in case you want to use this free of cost webmailing service then you first of all need to create an account for this service on to your device and this is possible by going through a simple process that could be known by contacting the juno technical support.This basically includes the opening of the app drawer of the device on which you wish to create the account like on your android phone.After that you have to browse for the mail icon on that page ,and the moment you get it you have to simply tap on it.And then the next step that you need to perform is you need to opt for the appropriate internet service provider i.e you have to choose between the IMAP for POP3.Followed by typing the juno email ID and a secured password that you want to select for your account.Then you have to enter some basic info for the outgoing and incoming mail server followed by tapping the secured connection and you are done.


In case you feel that you are not able to follow the above process then you can simply contact the juno customer service by calling them onto the toll free number that you will easily find on to the support site of the juno email.If you wish then you can also do the live chat with the experts to seek the help in case of any query of any type.