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Hotmail provides you the secured platform to exchange emails. But at times Hotmail user faces few issues like unable to send or receive emails, incorrect server settings, Hotmail account or password recovery, etc. In this article we would be discussing about the troubleshoot steps and procedures by which you can fix the Hotmail account or email issue and also prevent the account from further mishaps or errors.

Follow the steps or guidelines to locate the issue in Hotmail:

  1. Is the issue or problem occurring frequently? If no, then it might a temporary problem and wait until it appears again. If yes, then move to the next step.
  2. Are you facing problem only in accessing your Hotmail account? Check the internet connectivity. Also delete the History details and then try accessing the website.
  3. Have you checked with the other device or internet connection regarding the issue? Does the issue occurring there itself also?
  4. Have you recently changed any settings or installed any application like plug-ins or antivirus? Different applications or firewall software might have been causing the problem. Close all other applications and disable the plug-ins. Now try accessing the account.

Some of the other steps to fix the Hotmail issue and also to protect the account from outside mishaps are:

  • Delete the cache and cookies. Also clear all the web browser details and then try accessing the Hotmail account.
  • If you are having the Adobe Flash player installed in your system, then update the application.
  • If you are receiving blank page then refresh the page first. Later press the F5 key and control key together.
  • Use OpenDNS servers instead of ISP's DNS.
  • Download and install the Windows Live Essentials in your system. Also don't forget to update it regularly.

Is your Hotmail account issue resolved? Contact Hotmail Customer Service over Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number for more help and support.

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