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WordPress Email-Features

WordPress is a Content Management System, it allows the user to write an article, blog and share useful information. WordPress has a various plug-in which enables you to write a blog in an effective way. You can blog with multiple images, can use various tools to make the user understand in an easy way. You can create your own website for absolutely free and can select the theme as per your need. If you forgot your password also then recovery is also very easy, just have to follow the simple steps to recover the same. WordPress is a very good system as its features is beneficial for the beginners and for the professional also.

One unique feature of WordPress is you can send or receive the mail also, for the same you have to create your own account in WordPress. You have to install a plug-in to access the mail features. After installing you can send your article blog to anyone via mail.Sometime it may happen that the WP Mail is unable to reach the destination and its reach to the spam folder or rejected by the email service providers. So to get rid of this kind of problem, install SMTP plug-in in your WordPress. SMTP plug-in supports multiple email service providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.

After Installing plug-in, in the WordPress, you have to provide SMTP host and port, check SSL security and provide SMTP username and password.

If you have any problem in WordPress then you may reach to the WordPress Technical Support as the team is well qualified and experienced. The tech team is available around the clock. So you can contact the technical team at any time.

There are many more features in WordPress, So go for it and enjoy the multiple benefits at free of cost.

Forgot an account details- Now WordPress made it easy to recover account

Be an owner of your own website at free of cost. WordPress enable you to achieve this. The tools, plug-in, and themes are very advanced which let you to do the blogging in an easier way and also get an attractive look to your blog. Sometime it may happen you forgot your account details, WordPress account recovery is very easy. There are few steps which you have to follow.

If suppose, you forgot your password then go to the WordPress.

Enter your username or email address and then open your mail and click on the link send by us.

The page will redirect you to the WordPress, there you have to enter your password twice and submit.

If you have provided your mobile number while opening the account then you can select get an OTP. We will provide you an OTP and enter the same number on the box provided below in WordPress and click reset your password. That's it.

If suppose you lost your username and password both, then go to the WordPress and click on Account Recovery Form, here you have to provide some information to prove that your are the owner after doing the same,click recover my account the technical support team will assist you after gathering your information and will let you to open your WordPress account. You just have to follow few steps provided by them and finally you are all set.